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Bioseutica is a world-leading ingredient company whose natural proteins and enzymes are innovative and selected as the first choice for food, pharma, and feed ingredients. Bioseutica aims to become a world market leader catalyzing responsible development of natural high-quality proteins and enzymes. Bioseutica is committed to scientific research leading to innovative products and proprietary technologies. Bioseutica focuses on the global supply of the highest quality bioactive proteins, including egg derived proteins, lysozyme, avidin and ovotransferrin, pancreatic enzymes and specialty products, food ingredients and feed additives, designed for antibiotic-free livestock, such as aqua, poultry, and swine, and pets. Bioseutica’s manufacturing processes are built on high-end, cutting-edge proprietary technology and allow us to produce ingredients of highest purities in our manufacturing facilities in Canada and Europe.

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Neova Technologies Inc. and Fordras are part of Bioseutica Group. Neova Technologies Inc. draws on almost thirty years of expertise in bioseparation and protein fractionation, building its international reputation on quality and service. Fordras has been serving the pharmaceutical and food industries since 1983. 

Neova Technologies Fordras


Each of Bioseutica's affiliates holds a number of certificates attesting the Company’s commitment to the highest possible quality standards.

  • HACCP certification for our plants in North America
  • Lysozyme Kosher certification
  • Lysozyme Halal certification
  • GMP certificates for Lysozyme plants in EU 
  • Lysozyme is affirmed as GRAS by the US Fed. Register of rules and regulations since 1998
  • GDP by Swissmedic
  • FSSC 22000



Latest news

Successful FDA Inspection
Raising the bar of quality excellence

Our food production plant in Zeewolde (NL) has been inspected by FDA in October 2019, in accordance with “Preventive Controls and  Sanitary Human Food Operations-7303.040 Domestic and Imported Nutrition Labelling and Education Act of 1990 and MARCS # 126299”. No FDA-483, Inspectional Observations, has been issued and the production site is resulted to be in compliance with the above rules.

Health Canada GMP inspection
Health Canada GMP inspection
In August 2018 Neova Technologies Inc. (NTI), a Bioseutica Group company had an inspection by Health Canada and received a compliance rating indicating that the activities inspected met the requirements outlined in the Canadian Food & Drug Act and its associated regulations.