Functional Foods

Welcome to Bioseutica®: Pioneers in Natural Source Functional Food Ingredients

At Bioseutica®, we specialize in developing and producing high-quality, functional food ingredients from natural sources. Our mission is to enrich everyday health through scientifically backed, sustainable products derived from nature’s finest resources.

What Are Functional Food Ingredients?

Functional food ingredients are components typically added to products to provide specific health benefits beyond essential nutrition. These ingredients are crucial in developing food products to enhance health and well-being, prevent diseases, and promote longevity. At Bioseutica®, we focus on harnessing the power of natural enzymes and proteins to create ingredients that enhance the nutritional value of foods and improve their safety and shelf life.

Quality and Innovation

Bioseutica® stands at the vanguard of quality and innovation. Our commitment to excellence begins with sourcing the finest natural materials and extends through our sophisticated extraction and purification processes. We employ stringent quality control measures at every production stage to ensure that each product meets and exceeds industry standards. 

Nature’s power for global health

Our functional food ingredients are derived from natural sources and rich in potent enzymes and proteins. These bioactive compounds are the backbone of our product portfolio. By leveraging natural sources, we provide ingredients like lysozyme, ovotransferrin, ovalbumin, and trypsin, which are pivotal in enhancing food quality and health benefits.

Impact on Health and Nutrition

Bioseutica®'s functional ingredients transform food's nutritional profile. By incorporating our enzymes and proteins, manufacturers can reduce reliance on synthetic preservatives and additives, offering clean-label products that consumers trust.   Our commitment to enhancing food quality is demonstrated through our innovative products, which naturally extend food shelf life and protect against microbial contamination.

A Sustainable Approach to Functional Foods

Sustainability is at the heart of Bioseutica®'s operations. We are dedicated to minimizing our environmental impact while maximizing the health benefits of our products. Our production processes are solvents-free and follow zero-cycle production methods.


Functional food Ingredients:


LYSOBIER® kills beer spoilers while preserving the natural and fresh integrity of craft, unpasteurized and special brews.
Protect your cheese naturally, with LYSOLAC®. LYSOLAC® contains lysozyme, a safe and natural anti-bacterial enzyme.
Lysovin: Master the Art of Winemaking! Tailor every aspect of fermentation for optimal taste, aroma, and fewer sulfites. Craft perfection in every bottle.
At Bioseutica® we are committed to providing the highest quality ingredients that help people to live well and feel better. As the leading global player in egg-derived proteins and enzymes, we know how to enrich nature’s very best from eggs.
OVALBUMIN is the predominant protein in egg white, comprising approximately 54% of the total protein.
Bioseutica® anti-tryptic solution, comprising 11% of the egg-white, OVOMUCOID protects the developing chick from bacterial growth by inhibiting proteases.
PHOSPHOLIPASE A2 (PA2) is an enzyme derived from porcine pancreas. It serves as a catalyst in the hydrolysis of the fatty acid in the second position of phospholipids/lecithin.
TRYPSIN SE (Pancreatin)
TRYPSIN SE is a protease complex, containing trypsin (EC 3.4.2 1.4), chymotrypsin (EC, pancreatic elastase (EC and carboxypeptidase B (EC, obtained from porcine pancreas
TRYPSIN VI is an enzyme preparation containing both trypsin and chymotrypsin specifically designed for food and nutraceutical applications including infant and follow-on formulae or baby-food.