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A beginning for Lysozyme

The first surviving records of the use of egg-white for its antibacterial and medicinal properties date back to ancient Greek and Roman societies. Dioscorides, the Greek physician, wrote in the 50-70 AD ‘De materia medica’ of egg-white as a medicinal salve for the eyes, a practice that has echoes across both ancient Roman, and traditional Sudanese practice also1.

A Tradition of Innovation 3

The first Italian Penicillin

24th May 1947 saw the establishment of SPA (Società Prodotti Antibiotici) by Pharmacologist Dr. Rodolfo Ferrari and microbiologist Carlo Callerio. Now Italy had its own domestic Penicillin, available in vials and tablets as SUPERCILLIN and PRONTOCILLIN.

A Tradition of Innovation

Italy, 1947

We are in its second year as a Republic. The constituent assembly has written and voted to accept the new constitution, and President Alcide de Gasperi has formed a new government.

A Tradition of Innovation 2

A nation’s entire supply of Penicillin

The death of their first trial patient through the insufficient supply of Penicillin drove Florey, Chain, and their research assistant Heatley forward with inspired momentum. Increasing production was an absolute necessity.

Antibiotic Resistance: A growing concern

It is becoming ever more apparent that these key tools that modern medicine has come to rely upon are facing increasing risk to their efficacy. The UN General Assembly declared in 2016 that antibiotic resistance was the greatest and most urgent global threat, with a shocking 10,000,000 annual deaths projected by 2050 as a result of antimicrobial-resistant infections.

AVIDIN: Avid Binder of Biotin

AVIDIN’s discovery came from the observation of dramatic biotin deficiency (Vitamin H, B7, or Co-enzyme R) in chicks fed a raw egg-white diet1. The conclusion made was that this ‘egg-white injury’ resulted from a component in the egg-white withholding Biotin from the chicks, a finding since repeated in organisms ranging from ants to rats2.

Finding the structure

Father and Son Nobel Prize

This award is notable not only because it was the first and only time that a father-son duo has been awarded the Nobel but also because Lawrence was only 25 then. Indeed, he remained the youngest ever awardee until Malala Yousafzai’s (17) award for her work against the suppression of children’s education in 2014.

Lysobier, the perfect solution to prevent beer spoilage for home, micro and craft-brewers

Today, brewers benefit from technological developments including cold storage and Bioseutica®’s Lysobier®, an egg-derived natural additive that powerfully prevents and eliminates bacteria from the brewing process.

Lysolac, Lysozyme formulated for cheese making

This gram-positive bacteria is particularly infamous for causing late blowing defects in cured, hard and semi-hard cheeses, dramatically reducing quality, rendering it entirely unmarketable. Cheese makers have been trusting Bioseutica’s® LYSOLAC® for over 30 years to naturally prevent late blowing, protecting their cheese and its commercial value.

Lysovin for Winemaking

Viticulture extends back to and coincides with the earliest settling of humans, ancient Persia being regarded as the first winemaking culture. From here (quite understandably), grape cultivation and winemaking spread, leaving traces across the southern Caucasus and into what is now Greece.

Lysozyme joins the fight against Climate Change

Methane emissions account for half of the 1oC rise in average global temperatures since the beginning of industrialisation. The considerable bright side is that methane is relatively short-lived in the atmosphere when compared to CO2, so interventions that reduce methane emissions will have a rapid impact.

Lysozyme leads the way for DeepMind’s AlphaFold

Whereas the elegant cube-like structure of salt (NaCl) was met with what was essentially disbelieving anger, Francis Crick famously asked at the 1965 public presentation of Lysozyme’s structure, “Could that be where the substrate polysaccharide binds?”.