Beer presents a hostile environment to the growth of most microorganisms. However, some lactic acid bacteria (LAB) species, including Pediococcus Damnosus, can still spoil your brew. Competing with your precious yeast in consuming sugars, LAB reduces alcoholic fermentation whilst generating unwanted compounds that contribute to off-flavor, unwanted haziness, and ropiness.

LYSOBIER® leverages the powerful natural anti-bacterial function of lysozyme, eliminating unwanted bacteria from the brewing process while protecting and decontaminating the yeast.

Bioseutica® LYSOBIER® - Kill bacteria Spoilers while protecting the yeastBioseutica® LYSOBIER® - Protects the yeast during fermentation

LYSOBIER® is easy to use and can be added at several stages of the brewing process, from protecting fresh pitched yeast to protecting the wort during cooling and fermentation addition of LYSOBIER® during bottling bottle-conditioned beers, preventing unwanted chill-hazing, in addition to significantly extending shelf-life without the need pasteurization or filtration.

Bioseutica® LYSOBIER® - Improves beers organoleptic parametersBioseutica® LYSOBIER® - Extends shelf-life of bottle conditioned beer

LYSOBIER® also significantly improves foam quality whilst imperceptibly improving the taste of the beer, as determined by independent blind taste tests. This property of LYSOBIER® is of particular interest to brewers responding to the demand for low- and no-alcohol (LNA) beers as consumers become increasingly more health conscious.

Try LYSOBIER® in your next home, craft, or microbrew, the natural way to protect your beer from spoilage.


  • Prevents and protects beer from spoilage caused by LAB
  • Prevents organoleptic defects, ropiness, beer haze, and off-flavor
  • Stabilises beer foam
  • Prolongs the shelf-life of unpasteurized and unfiltered beers

Use Cases:

  • Improve the organoleptic properties of low and no-alcohol (LNA) beers
  • Yeast washing in a natural, gentler manner than acid washing
  • Stabilisation of beer foam, taking advantage of LYSOBIER®’s natural emulsifying properties

Regulatory Status:

  • 2008 Authorisation by US Alcohol & Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) for use in beer (27 CFR § 24.246)
  • 2012 Approval in EU for beers that will not receive pasteurization or sterile filtration (EC reg. 471/2012)
  • Food Safety System Certification (FSSC) 22000
  • Certified Kosher

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LYSOBIER® is sold in Kilograms(Kg)

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