Cell Biology

Cell Biology Products to Enhance Your Scientific Research

Explore Bioseutica®'s comprehensive range of high-quality cell biology products to support and advance your scientific research. Our expertly formulated cell culture media are tailored to meet the specific needs of your laboratory work. Since 1947, our company has been a pioneer in the biosciences sector, dedicated to producing high-quality products that facilitate the growth and study of cells in various scientific applications.

Cell Culture in Modern Research

Founded shortly after the Second World War, Bioseutica® has built a legacy of trust and excellence in the biosciences industry. Over the decades, we have continually advanced our technology and expanded our product offerings to meet the evolving needs of researchers. Cell culture involves growing cells in a controlled artificial environment, using media that supply essential nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and growth factors. This technique is crucial for various applications, including research, manufacturing of biological products, and treatments.  We offer a variety of cell culture media, each formulated to optimize the growth and maintenance of different cell types. Our media ensure high cell viability and reproducibility, critical for research and industrial applications. These products are pivotal in research and development in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and academic sectors. They are critical in producing vaccines and antibodies, showcasing their versatility and essential nature in science and medicine.

Production and Quality Assurance

Bioseutica® adheres to stringent quality control measures in our production processes to ensure that every batch of media meets the highest standards of purity and efficacy. Our facilities comply with all global regulatory standards. Understanding the importance of environmental conservation, our company is dedicated to reducing the ecological footprint of our production processes and promoting sustainable practices throughout our operations. We are committed to embracing innovative technologies and expanding our reach in the global market. We continue to invest in research and development to create next-generation products that contribute to advancing the field of cell biology.


Cell Biology Products:

Explore AFFIAVIDIN's versatile applications in protein purification, diagnostics, gene therapy, and targeted drug delivery with its high-affinity biotin binding.

AquaTryp™ is our ready-to-use gentle enzymatic cell detachment reagent. A non-mammalian, non-microbial enzyme mixture, AquaTryp™, can be readily incorporated into most routine cell culture protocols. With predominantly trypsin enzymatic activity, AquaTryp’s enzyme profile makes it an excellent alternative to mammalian and microbial trypsin for most applications.

A highly basic glycoprotein tetramer, each AVIDIN protein is an assembly of four identical subunits composed of 128 amino acids. Each of these subunits binds to Biotin (Vitamin H, Co-enzyme R, Vitamin B7) with extreme affinity.
Bioseutica® anti-tryptic solution, comprising 11% of the egg-white, OVOMUCOID protects the developing chick from bacterial growth by inhibiting proteases.
Trypsin is a pancreatic enzyme used extensively in tissue dissociation, cell harvesting, and microbiological media. Trypsin 1:250 is a trypsin preparation, derived from porcine pancreas, specifically designed as a low endotoxin material for cell culture applications.
TRYPSIN I is our highest purity, most concentrated trypsin preparation, meeting the requirements of both the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP), and the European Pharmacopoeia (EP).
TRYPSIN II is a trypsin preparation with reduced chymotrypsin activity.
TRYPSIN IV is a trypsin preparation specifically designed as a low endotoxin material for cell culture applications which can be standardized to a desired trypsin activity.