Functional Food Ingredients

Protein Hydrolysis and Food Processing Ingredients

Neova Technologies Inc. produces  natural source functional food ingredients and emulsifiers  to provide you with the best solutions to meet  food safety quality standards and in order to make  hypoallergenic food. Our enzymes are widely used to control aroma formation in cheese and dairy products (milk, cream, yogurt), as baking proteins  to maximize the yield in baked goods, yogurt, and cheese manufacturing or to extract seasonings and flavorings from vegetables and animal proteins, tenderize meat, improve seafood texture and during cold stabilization of beer.

Food Proteins Hydrolysis

The hydrolysis of milk and whey proteins represents an important application area. Hydrolyzing these proteins can enhance functional properties such as whip and taste, increase digestibility and reduce allergenicity. Hydrolysis is also a critical process in food production and has different applications hence it is widely used in food production.

Typical applications for these products include:

  • Partial digestion of milk and whey proteins;
  • Hypoallergenic food production;
  • Facilitate rapid absorption of nutrients;
  • Meat and seafood tenderizing;
  • Enzymes for use in baking for better dough workability;
  • Flavor extraction from vegetables and animal proteins;
  • Aroma control of dairy products;
  • Beer stabilization;

Food Processing

Phospholipase A2 is used extensively as a processing aid in many food applications, including:

  • Enzymatic degumming of vegetable oil;
  • Low fat cheese and dairy production;
  • Improving the heat stability and emulsifying properties of egg yolk and soy products;
  • Promoting antibacterial activity against both GRAM-positive and GRAM-negative bacteria;

Note: Some proteins contain a natural trypsin inhibitor, such as egg-white and soy protein, making these foods unsuitable for proteolytic enzymes.