Referral Program

Do you know someone who would make a great Neova employee? Check out NTI’s referral program and make a bonus for yourself through a referral.

Employee Referral Program Policy

Policy brief & purpose

As an employee of Neova, you are a great resource for attracting top-notch talent to Neova! Our Employee Referral Program Policy explains important aspects of our employee referral procedures. We place great importance on referrals because we trust our employees know what's best for our company. Employees are invited to refer individuals for approved open positions at Neova Technologies Inc.


This Employee Referral Program Policy applies to everyone who refers a candidate to our company.

Policy elements

What is an employee referral bonus?

When you refer someone to Neova, you are the Referrer and the candidate is the Referral. Our Company will give out rewards to every referrer. If you know someone who you think would be a good fit for a position at our company, feel free to refer them.

Additional Rules:

  1. If we end up hiring your referred candidate and after successful completion of the 6 months’ probation, you are eligible for $ 500 CAD. Keep in mind that rewards may be subject to taxation.
  2. In case where more than one employee refers the same candidate, the first referral received will be honored.
  3. The candidate must not have been forward by another route such as via an agency.
  4. The employee will be paid via payroll
  5. There is no cap on the number of referrals an employee can make. All rewards will be paid accordingly.
  6. A duly filled Employee referral form will be required to be eligible for this bonus.

Who can participate in our employee referral program?

All employees are eligible to participate in our referral program. Note that hiring managers can’t refer anyone for a position for which they are directly or indirectly responsible. But they can refer someone for a position that’s in a different department, office or function. This exception doesn’t apply to executives and senior management. 

Vendors, contractors, consultants, and former employees are also eligible to refer candidates.

Who can be referred?

We have two conditions for candidates who can qualify you for our rewards. They should:

  • Have not applied to our company for at least a year.
  • Be hired as permanent full- or part-time employees (not as temporary employees or contractors.)

Our company may use an online form or a platform where employees may refer candidates. You can also reach out directly to HR with referral form.

Amendment of policy

The company is reserves the right to amend, suspend or withdraw the policy at any time without notice. We’ll communicate any change clearly and timely

We’d like to remind our employees that we are an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate anyone whatsoever. We guarantee that all candidates will be given the same consideration and will pass through our established procedures. We are looking for talent that represents and adheres to NTI Values.

For any question, you can email