Antibiotic Resistance: A growing concern

The theme of this year’s World Antibiotic Awareness Week #WAAW is ‘Spread Awareness, Stop Resistance’. At Bioseutica we are keen to play our part, as suppliers of several lines of products that support agricultural industries in reducing their reliance upon antibiotics.

It is becoming ever more apparent that these key tools that modern medicine has come to rely upon are facing increasing risk to their efficacy. The UN General Assembly declared in 2016 that antibiotic resistance was the greatest and most urgent global threat, with a shocking 10,000,000 annual deaths projected by 2050 as a result of antimicrobial-resistant infections.

Resistance arises through the overuse and misuse of antibiotics, factors that are ultimately preventable. It is our collective responsibility to use these invaluable tools prudently, safeguarding the continued efficacy of this global public good. This will ensure that future generations will be able to benefit from what are essential medicines for human health and animal welfare.

Here are some articles and sites that we found thought-provoking: