Based on its expertise as a pioneer and global leader in lysozyme, Bioseutica has developed Entegard®, an innovative range of products, designed to overcome the challenges of livestock RWA (Raised Without Antibiotics). Administered via feed or drinking water Entegard® helps to maintain healthy gut flora and gut barrier function by sustaining the structural integrity of the intestinal wall. This leads to optimum nutrient absorption, improving the health and animal development of livestock. The Entegard® formulations are designed to provide protection and restore microbiological balance. Lysozyme is its active component. Entegard® is the perfect solution for the antibiotics withdrawal period for layers and broilers and helps producers to overcome the challenges associated with (ABF) antibiotic-free production.

Stop antibiotics! Go natural, use Entegard®


*RWA: Raised without Antibiotics

Entegard® Line
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