At Bioseutica® we focus on the global supply of ultrapure bioactive proteins, extracting nature’s best from eggs and pancreas. Our egg-derived proteins are highly valued across broad industries that take inspiration from their roles in nature. Lysozyme, Avidin, and Ovotransferrin possess potent natural antimicrobial properties, utilised extensively across food processing, animal health, nutrition, hygiene, and pharmaceutical industries. Leveraging our expertise as global leaders in Lysozyme production, we have developed speciality formulations including the natural nootropic NA2R®, LYSOVIN for winemaking, LYSOLAC® for dairy, and the livestock immunity-boosting Entegard® range. Beyond the egg, we also extract digestive pancreatic enzymes including Trypsin, chymotrypsin, and Phospholipase A2. These have extensive applications in food processing, pharmaceutical, and medical research in applications requiring the faithful mimicking of natural digestive processes.


The AVIDIN-biotin system is a protein-ligand interaction present in nature that has been successfully used in a number of applications, including the detection of proteins, nucleic acids, and lipid

API Lysozyme
API LYSOZYME hydrochloride is our highest purity pharmaceutical-grade LYSOZYME. Produced from hen egg-white following stringent cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines.

AquaTryp™ is our ready-to-use gentle enzymatic cell detachment reagent.

A highly basic glycoprotein tetramer, each AVIDIN protein is an assembly of four identical subunits composed of 128 amino acids. Each of these subunits binds to Biotin (Vitamin H, Co-enzyme R, Vitamin B7) with extreme affinity.
Bioseutica® Entegard® is a lysozyme based feed additive designed for poultry, swine, and other livestock.
Entegard® Aqua
Entegard® is an innovative range of products, designed to overcome the challenges of livestock RWA (Raised Without Antibiotics)
Entegard® Poultry
Entegard® is an innovative range of products, designed to overcome the challenges of livestock RWA (Raised Without Antibiotics)
Entegard® Swine
Entegard® is an innovative range of products, designed to overcome the challenges of livestock RWA (Raised Without Antibiotics).
inovapure® is our generic brand purified Lysozyme, with applications ranging across industries including food processing, agriculture, animal health, and health & wellness products. inovapure® is an effective natural antimicrobial enzyme, with potent bactericidal and fungicidal activity.
LYSOBIER® kills beer spoilers while preserving the natural and fresh integrity of craft, unpasteurized and special brews.
Protect your cheese naturally, with LYSOLAC®. LYSOLAC® contains lysozyme, a safe and natural anti-bacterial enzyme.
Lysovin is a specific product that allows winemakers to design any type of wine, and to intervene on the different fermentations (alcoholic and malolactic) by arresting or prolonging them according to the type of wine to be made, improving its organoleptic and sensory properties and drastically reducing the use of sulphites during the winemaking process.
A remarkable natural antimicrobial and antiviral enzyme. Its potent bacteriolytic, bacteriostatic, and bactericidal action has made LYSOZYME highly valued across broad industries.
At Bioseutica® we are committed to providing the highest quality ingredients that help people to live well and feel better. As the leading global player in egg-derived proteins and enzymes, we know how to enrich nature’s very best from eggs.
OVALBUMIN is the predominant protein in egg white, comprising approximately 54% of the total protein.
Bioseutica® anti-tryptic solution, comprising 11% of the egg-white, OVOMUCOID protects the developing chick from bacterial growth by inhibiting proteases.
OVOTRANSFERRIN: The nutraceutical protein with antimicrobial, antioxidant and immunomodulatory properties.
PHOSPHOLIPASE A2 (PA2) is an enzyme derived from porcine pancreas. It serves as a catalyst in the hydrolysis of the fatty acid in the second position of phospholipids/lecithin.
Trypsin is a pancreatic enzyme used extensively in tissue dissociation, cell harvesting, and microbiological media. Trypsin 1:250 is a trypsin preparation, derived from porcine pancreas, specifically designed as a low endotoxin material for cell culture applications.
TRYPSIN I is our highest purity, most concentrated trypsin preparation, meeting the requirements of both the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP), and the European Pharmacopoeia (EP).
TRYPSIN II is a trypsin preparation with reduced chymotrypsin activity.
TRYPSIN IV is a trypsin preparation specifically designed as a low endotoxin material for cell culture applications which can be standardized to a desired trypsin activity.
TRYPSIN SE (Pancreatin)
TRYPSIN SE is a protease complex, containing trypsin (EC 3.4.2 1.4), chymotrypsin (EC, pancreatic elastase (EC and carboxypeptidase B (EC, obtained from porcine pancreas
TRYPSIN VI is an enzyme preparation containing both trypsin and chymotrypsin specifically designed for food and nutraceutical applications including infant and follow-on formulae or baby-food.