Trypsin VI and SE - EFSA scientific opinions

Trypsin VI and SE - EFSA Approval

EFSA Endorses Safety of Bioseutica® Enzymes: Approval Expected in 2023

Bioseutica® is proud to inform you that the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has just issued its scientific opinions on two applications submitted by NEOVA Technologies Inc (a Bioseutica® group company) related to the food enzymes: 

The EFSA conclusion for both the enzymes:
“Based on the origin of the food enzyme from edible parts of animals, the data provided by the applicant, supported by the evaluation of clinical studies with pharmaceutical preparations based on pancreatic enzymes, the Panel concluded that the porcine pancreatic enzymes do not give rise to safety concern under the intended conditions of use.”
Access to the scientific opinions published in the EFSA Journal Vol. 19, No. 1, January 2021 is available here.

Based on these EFSA safety evaluations, the 2 food enzymes will be approved by the European Commission using their inclusion into the Union list of food enzymes, expected in 2023. These positive opinions are a confirmation of the commitment the Bioseutica group has to the quality and safety of its products, as well as to our dedication to service to our customers and end-users.