Bioseutica® co-founds Healiva®

healiva SA

Healiva®: a brand new regenerative medicine startup cofounded by Bioseutica®

We are thrilled to introduce Healiva SA, a cutting-edge startup based in Lugano, Switzerland, co-founded by Bioseutica BV. Healiva® SA is dedicated to developing, supplying, and supporting patients with innovative cell therapies and products for regenerative medicine, utilizing both enzymes and natural or synthetic molecules. As a patient-focused cell therapy company, Healiva® SA aims to provide personalized and precision medicine by harnessing top-tier innovations.

Healiva® SA is a Swiss biotech company committed to enhancing patients' quality of life through customized therapies. By integrating cell therapies, enzyme technology, and medical devices, we address patient needs with a comprehensive approach, delivering bespoke solutions for chronic wounds. We are proud to be the first biotech firm to offer a range of intuitive, end-to-end wound care products that are personalized and affordable.

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