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Trypsin’s primary function in the human body is as a digestive enzyme for proteins. This functional property makes it effective when used in pharmaceutical and therapeutic products, such as anti-inflammatories and topical treatments. Trypsin is also used extensively as a processing aid in cell biology and vaccine production.


TRYPSIN I is a purified trypsin enzyme preparation that meets the defined requirements of both the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) and the European Pharmacopoeia (EP). These qualifications mark its suitability for use as a reference standard in analytical applications. Additionally, because of its conformance to international standards, TRYPSIN I is the ideal product for standardization to TRYPSIN 1:250, which is commonly used in cell biology applications including tissue dissociation, cell harvesting, and microbiological media.


TRYPSIN has extensive applications due to its fundamental physiological function which is the same natural process as the human digestive system. TRYPSIN has effective uses in foods and pharmaceuticals, as well as in tissue dissociation, cell harvesting, and microbiological media.

Cell Biology

TRYPSIN I is preferred for applications in tissue dissociation and tissue culturing which require conformance to the USP or EP guidelines.

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Specifications (USP units/mg):

Trypsin Activity Min: 2500

Chymotrypsin Activity Maximum 60**

The activity cannot exceed 2.5% of the stated trypsin activity.

Typical Application Areas:

Pharmaceutical, Cell Biology/Vaccines


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