OVOTRANSFERRIN: The nutraceutical protein with antimicrobial, antioxidant and immunomodulatory properties

OVOTRANSFERRIN (also known as CONALBUMIN) is a significant component of the avian egg’s innate antimicrobial defense system1,2, protecting the developing chick from invading pathogens. This property arises primarily through its iron (Fe3+) binding capacity by locking away a key biochemical component necessary for micro-organismal survival. Bacteria starved of iron are rendered incapable of moving, making OVOTRANSFERRIN a potent bacteriostatic3. OVOTRANSFERRIN is also bactericidal independently of its iron-binding properties; its cationic (positively charged) nature ruptures bacteria by driving attachment directly to the bacterial surface4-6. Antifungal7, and antiviral8 properties have also been identified, making OVOTRANSFERRIN a safe and natural protein with applications across a range of industries.

It is not only the intact OVOTRANSFERRIN protein that possesses industrially exploitable properties. Hydrolysed peptides generated by gastrointestinal digestion, food processing, and by direct hydrolysis exhibit potent antimicrobial9, anti-hypertensive10-13, anti-osteoporotic14-16, and antioxidant properties17,18. Beyond this, toxicity to cancer cells19, and immunomodulatory20,21 functionalities have also been identified.

Bioseutica® is the largest manufacturer and supplier of OVOTRANSFERRIN globally. Our advanced SOLVENT-FREE extraction and purification processes result in a highly pure, high quality protein that our customers have relied on since the 1970s.


Functional foods: antimicrobial, edible films, and emulsions

A potent antibacterial possessing both bacteriostatic and bactericidal capabilities, OVOTRANSFERRIN has broad appeal for the food industry. OVOTRANSFERRIN has found effective use as a component of edible protective films, increasing the shelf-life of fresh meats and in Asian cuisine22. OVOTRANSFERRIN may also be used as an edible, surfactant-free emulsifying component, preventing fat-water separation in foods including UHT milk, mayonnaise, ice cream, margarine, and batter 23. Its similarity to lactoferrin holds promise for OVOTRANSFERRIN’s use in supplemented infant formula, milk, yogurts, and nutritional supplements.

Feed industries: decrease poultry mortality and antibiotic use

Aerosolised OVOTRANSFERRIN has been used as an antibacterial in large-scale turkey farming reducing mortality and preventing respiratory disease, decreasing the requirement for antibiotic use24.

Lactoferrin Alternative: food, cosmetic, and oral care

As a member of the transferrin family, OVOTRANSFERRIN is functionally and structurally analogous to mammalian lactoferrin25. A recent study has shown superior performance of OVOTRANSFERRIN when compared to lactoferrin in its capability to deliver iron without accumulation or inducing gastric irritability26.

OVOTRANSFERRIN represents an excellent substitute for lactoferrin, which is widely used in the food, cosmetic, and oral care industries27. Products making use of its antimicrobial, antioxidant, iron absorption and hygiene-promoting properties include infant formula, dietary supplements, pet food, lotions, face wash, mouth wash, toothpaste, and chewing gum.

Pharmaceuticals, medical, and wellness industries

Research into the pharmaceutical and medical applications of OVOTRANSFERRIN, and its derived peptides has revealed exciting potential functions. Studies have identified dual anti-osteoporotic properties of OVOTRANSFERIN, both reducing bone resorption and promoting bone formation14. Beyond this, OVOTRANSFERRIN shows promise as a drug carrier with potential applications in cancer treatment19. Indeed, OVOTRANSFERRIN alone is toxic to cancer cells in-vitro. Its antioxidant17,18 and anti-inflammatory properties may also make OVOTRANSFERRIN a viable treatment for cardiovascular diseases10-13.

Exciting recent work has identified OVOTRANSFERRIN as an excellent potential iron carrier for the treatment of iron deficiency anaemias (IDA)26. OVOTRANSFERRIN showed superior physiological iron delivery over lactoferrin in a gastric barrier model. This data holds much promise for OVOTRANSFERRIN’s use in food supplements, with dual functionality as both antimicrobial and iron delivery mechanism.

OVOTRANSFERRIN, an underexploited yet potent natural protein with broad industrial applications. Contact us today to discuss how you can incorporate OVOTRANSFERRIN into your products.


  • Potent antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties
  • Effective against gram-negative & gram-positive bacteria
  • Binds free iron with high affinity, comparably to that of lactoferrin
  • Industrially attractive bioactive properties of both native protein and derived peptides

Use Cases:

  • Iron carrier in physiological functional food supplements
  • Antimicrobial component of edible protective films
  • Prevention of fat-water separation in surfactant-free edible emulsions
  • Reduction of mortality and antibiotic use in large-scale turkey farming operations


Regulations may vary according to the country. Always check the local legislation regarding the usage and claims of this product.


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