OVALBUMIN is the predominant egg-white protein, comprising 54% of the total. A 43kDa glycoprotein also known as albumin from chicken egg white or OVA; OVALBUMIN is composed of 385 aminos, and is one of only two proteins that adequately meets the entire dietary requirement for amino acids. This has been suggested as its normal physiological function in the egg, serving as nutritional storage for the developing chick. Another potential role is that of metal ion storage and transport. Despite the primary physiological role remaining uncertain, OVALBUMIN’s properties have found broad applications in biological research and beyond.


As one of the first to be purified in crystalline form, OVALBUMIN was among the earliest proteins to be readily available in abundance. This contributed to OVALBUMIN becoming one of the most extensively characterised and best-understood antigens, contributing to our understanding of the structure-function relationship of antigen-antibody interactions. Epitopes have now been mapped for both B and T-cells, and the OVA gene (OVAL) was one of the first antigen genes used in the production of transgenic mice.

Its use in immunological research persists till today, OVA being a routine experimental antigen for induced IgE-mediated food allergy models1, and in animal asthma models of airway hyper-responsiveness (AHR)2,3. Experimental atopic dermatitis (AD, eczema) models also make use of the allergenic properties of OVA, whereby repeated application result in dermal and epidermal thickening in exposed mice 4.

Beyond these immunological research uses; OVA’s other applications include:

  • Structural comparison for studying the serine-protease inhibitory function of SERPIN family proteins
  • Molecular weight marker for SDS-PAGE electrophoresis gel calibration
  • Protein quantification reference standard; Bradford assay, Bicinchoninic acid (BCA) protein assay
  • Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA) substitute and human-derived albumin alternative; avoids bovine IgG background issues and disease risk
  • Blocking peptide/protein for biochemical assays; western blotting (WB), immunohistochemistry (ICC), immunocytochemistry (ICC), and ELISA
  • Restriction enzyme digestion stabilisation
  • Detection of modified egg white protein
  • Conjugo-immuno determinations
  • Drug and pharmaceutical processing
  • Animal models of skin disorders
  • Hormonal control of gene expression in tissues
  • Sensitize immune reactions
  • Inhibition of neutrophil migration
  • Heavy metal poisoning treatment: OVA is capable of chelating heavy metals (including iron) preventing absorption in the gastrointestinal tract
  • Vaccine and immunogen conjugates
  • Allergen-Induced airway Inflammation studies (Asthma)
  • COUP-TFs genes expression in human diseases
  • Model antigen in experimental vaccine delivery systems5
  • Alternative wood glue in the production of engineered woods including plywood and glulam beams6

Advantages and Benefits

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Our OVALBUMIN is available in a high-purity crystalline, freeze-dried lyophilised powder format:

  • OVALBUMIN 90: ≥ 90% purity
Note: 5X Crystalline powder found elsewhere is typically specified at ≥80% purity


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