Lysobier, the perfect solution to prevent beer spoilage for home, micro and craft-brewers

Bioseutica® LYSOVIN

October has just about arrived, the hops are all but harvested, and in a nod to times past, it is the season to brew beer. Indeed, in Bavaria, it was illegal by duke’s decree for beer to be brewed from April 23rd to September 24th, due to the risk of bacterial beer spoilage.

Today, brewers benefit from technological developments including cold storage and Bioseutica®’s Lysobier®, an egg-derived natural additive that powerfully prevents and eliminates bacteria from the brewing process.

LYSOBIER® improves foam quality and imparts no detectable taste to the beer while protecting the yeast and increasing the shelf-life of unpasteurised, unfiltered craft beer types including IPA, NEIPA, Zwickel, Kellerbier, Hefeweizen, and Tripel among others. Despite the hostile environment that beer presents to the growth of most micro-organisms (being high in CO2, low in O2, containing alcohol, and hop bitter acids), some species of lactic acid bacteria (LAB), including Pediococcus Damnosus, are able to spoil your brew through their evolution of hop resistance genes.

Competing with the yeast in consuming sugars, LAB also generates unwanted lactic acid, while reducing alcoholic fermentation. Industrial-scale breweries, those whose beers are intended to travel for long distances and durations, have largely overcome this spoilage issue through the use of pasteurisation since the 1870s. What was not widely available at the time was cold storage, nor was there the appreciation of the importance of sterility and cleanliness in the brewing process that exists today. For the home brewer, micro and craft breweries, specialist pasteurisation equipment is prohibitively expensive. The accepted trade-off for most is that unpasteurised, unfiltered beers have a shorter shelf-life, and require careful management of troublesome bacteria in the fermentation process that can cause off-flavour, unwanted haziness, and ropiness.

LYSOBIER® leverages the powerful natural anti-bacterial function of Lysozyme, protecting brewers against lactic acid bacteria, whilst leaving yeast entirely unaffected. LYSOBIER® is easy to use, and can be effectively applied at multiple stages of the brewing process; from protecting fresh pitched yeast, providing a gentler natural alternative to acid washing of your yeast, to protecting the wort during cooling and fermentation. The addition of Lysobier® during bottling provides protection from LAB for bottle conditioned beers, preventing unwanted chill-hazing, in addition to significantly extending shelf-life without the need for pasteurisation or filtration. Arising from the egg-derived nature of our Lysozyme, LYSOBIER® also significantly improves foam quality, whilst imperceptibly improving the taste of the beer, as determined by independent blind taste tests. This quality of LYSOBIER® is of particular interest to brewers responding to the increased demand for low- and no-alcohol (LNA) beers, as consumers become increasingly more health-conscious.

Why not improve the aroma and foam quality of your next brew with LYSOBIER®?


  • LYSOBIER® decontaminates the brewing yeast
  • LYSOBIER® protects the vulnerable cooled wort
  • LYSOBIER® treats and protects during fermentation
  • LYSOBIER® stabilize beer foam and enhances taste and aroma
  • LYSOBIER® prevents beer haze and off-flavour in craft beers
  • LYSOBIER® extends the shelf life of bottled beer
  • LYSOBIER® USDA approved for organic and IPA products

LYSOBIER® in the brewing process

  • LYSOBIER® made with the all-natural enzyme Lysozyme, is the best prevention to protect beer against LAB Lactic Acid Bacteria spoilage.
  • LYSOBIER® has no negative effect on yeast.
  • LYSOBIER® could be used for natural washing allowing brewers to avoid acid washing processes1.
  • LYSOBIER® is suitable for special (non filtered - non pasteurized) and craft beers granting brewers better control of the fermentation process. 
  • LYSOBIER® imparts no noticeable taste or aroma2.
  • LYSOBIER® prolongs the stability of unpasteurized, special, and craft beers.
  • LYSOBIER® is suitable for low and no-alcohol (LNA) beers.
1.: During washing, it does not damage the organoleptic quality of yeast and extends its shelf life.
2.: Taste tests revealed a preference for samples treated with LYSOBIER®

Regulatory status

USA: In 2007 Alcohol & Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), US Department of Treasury added lysozyme to the list of enzymatic activity materials authorised for use in wine production (27 CFR 24.246). In 2008, TTB concluded that lysozyme is also appropriate for use in the production of beers up to 500 milligrams per litre. EU: Lysozyme is approved since 2012 in beers that do not receive either pasteurization or sterile filtration (EC reg. 471/2012).


  • Food Safety System Certification (FSSC) 22000
  • Kosher Approved for use in Organic foods
  • Certified Kosher
  • Manufactured by Bioseutica® BV approved food additive Lysozyme hydrochloride (E1105) producer

Selling Unit

LYSOBIER® is sold in Kilograms(Kg)