Bioseutica Lysolac™

LYSOLAC™ is 100% pure and natural Lysozyme, a safe and natural antimicrobial enzyme effective against late blowing. LYSOLAC™ helps your cheese maintain its flavor, texture and prolongs shelf-life, thus adding tangible value to your product and business. As a safe and natural antimicrobial, Lysozyme today is used in the food and agricultural industries worldwide. Lysozyme inhibits the growth of a wide range of Gram-positive bacteria by effectively rupturing the peptidoglycan outer layer of the cell wall.

Lysozyme an enzyme present in milk, animals, insects and plants, is one of Nature’s most powerful antimicrobial and antiviral compounds. 100% pure and natural Lysozyme, LYSOLAC™ is the one enzyme specifically effective against 'late-blowing' for hard and semi-hard cheeses.  (Cracks, splits or bubbles in cheese which appear after 4 weeks indicate this butyric defect caused by Clostridia tyrobutyricum spores in the milk; pasteurization, bactofugation and best hygienic practices can not remove them all). Easy to use, inexpensive and without any flavor, LYSOLAC™ will not adversely affect the cultures, texture or organoleptic qualities of your cheese; it may in fact improve them. Better safe than sorry. Protect your cheese naturally, with LYSOLAC™. 

  • USDA approved for use in Organic cheese
  • Classified as a food by JEFCA-Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives
  • Certified GRAS
  • Accepted Whole Food ingredient
  • Available Certified Halal and Kosher

LYSOLAC protects many hard and semi-hard cheeses (such as Edam, Gouda, Emmental, Swiss, Provolone, Romano, Montasio, Danbo, Asiago, Conte, Alpine types, and Manchego etc.) from late-blowing while helping them also maintain flavor, texture and a prolonged shelf life.  LYSOLAC™ has over thirty years experience in European cheeses: 99% of Italian Grana Padano and 85% of France's hard cheese industry uses Lysozyme today. Grana Padano is important both in the USA and in CHINA.

LYSOLAC adds value to your product and your business. See directions. A dosage of 25 mg per liter of milk is generally sufficient to avoid late-blowing. 1 kg can treat 88,000 lbs of milk. (10,000 eggs are required to make 1 kg of Lysozyme.)

LYSOLAC is stable and dependable: Granular remains stable when maintained free from humidity at room temperature with a shelf life of 2 years: premixed Solution remains stable with a shelf life of 9 months.

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LYSOLAC is available as granular or pre-mixed solution, in a variety of quantities. 50 g is enough to treat 4000 lbs of milk (equal to 450 gallons or 1700 liters). Use the calculator to the right or download a dosage chart.

LYSOLAC Granular is available online in 50 g and 100 g re-sealable pouches and in 500 g screw-top canisters. LYSOLAC™ is available in special orders containers of 10 kg, 20 kg and on up; it has a shelf life of 2 years when kept free from sunlight and heat. LYSOLAC™ can be also ordered as Solution in containers of 20 L and on up to 1000 L, with a shelf life of 9 months when kept free from humidity and heat. 

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