SB Bioseutica Companies


Led by an international management team, Bioseutica’s organization allows the company to efficiently and consistently deliver quality products, custom designed solutions and customer service to international clients across the world.


Eggs are a rich natural source of proteins with diverse properties and functionality. Bioseutica is expert in the extraction and purification of egg proteins which form  the Egg Proteins division. Our egg proteins are extracted from from natural, renewable sources of hen egg-white suitable for human consumption and, are manufactured without the use of GMO or recombinant technologies.

Regulatory Services

As a leader in the pharmaceutical Egg Lysozyme, Egg Proteins and Pancreatic Enzymes market, our company has extensive experience, knowledge and a long-standing track record in successfully submitting Active Substance Master Files [ASMFs] for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients [APIs] to the major authorities worldwide. Full Chemistry Manufacturing and Control [CMC] service is provided to our partners in order to support them with the supply of registration/validation material and commercial manufacturing.

The Bioseutica Group

Bioseutica is a world leading ingredient company whose natural proteins and enzymes are innovative and selected as the first choice for food, feed and pharma sectors. Bioseutica aims to become a world market leader catalysing responsible development of natural high quality proteins and enzymes. Bioseutica is committed to scientific research leading to innovative products and proprietary technologies. Bioseutica focuses on the global supply of the highest quality bioactive proteins, including egg derived proteins,  lysozymeavidin and ovotransferrinpancreatic enzymes and specialty products, food ingredients and feed additives, designed for antibiotic free livestock, such as, aqua, poultry and swine and pets. Bioseutica’s manufacturing processes are built on high-end, cutting-edge proprietary technology and allow us to produce ingredients of highest purities in our manufacturing facilities in Canada and Europe.