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Trypsin is a pancreatic enzyme used extensively in tissue dissociation, cell harvesting and micro-biological media. Trypsin 1:250 is a refined trypsin preparation, derived from porcine pancreas, specifically designed as a low endotoxin material for cell culture applications and vaccines production.

Porcine trypsin is a reagent widely used during the manufacture of biological medicinal products. The main application is the detachment of cells from culture vessels for passaging. During manufacture of some vaccines, trypsin is added to the final culture stage of virus production for activation of a vaccine virus such as influenza virus and rotavirus. Our porcine trypsin, an animal derived material extracted from the pancreas of pigs, does not carry the risk of contamination with adventitious agents.

The high purity of Trypsin 1:250 means that it is virtually free of side activities such as amylase. Trypsin 1:250 complies with the recommended purity requirements for food grade enzymes provided by the joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA), and the Food Chemical Codex (FCC). 

In food applications, Trypsin 1:250 is ideal for hydrolysis of milk proteins. The endopeptidases in the preparation break down large proteins in milk into just the right size – maximizing solubility and reducing allergenicity, without compromising taste. 

Preparations are available in lyophilized (freeze-dried) powder and range in colour from off-white to light beige. 

  • Specifications (USP units/mg):

Protease Activity Min: 250

Endotoxin (EU/mg) Maximum: 10

  • Typical Applications:

  • Cell Biology/Vaccines
  • Hypoallergenic food production
  • Medical Food designed to facilitate rapid absorption of nutrients
  • Meat and seafood tenderizing 
  • Cell Detaching Ingredient for Clean Meat

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Trypsin1:250 for food applications - Tech Sheet

Regulatory Status can vary between Countries: contact us for further details

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