• Lysozyme in beer

    Lysozyme is an antimicrobial enzyme that could be applied to counteract those bacterial species which, due to their own metabolic activity, possess notable beer spoilage ability and lead to loss of beer quality. Experiments were carried out to assess lysozyme potential to prevent the growth of beer spoilage bacteria, and to verify the effect of lysozyme on the microbiological stability and sensory characteristics of unpasteurized beer. Eight... more


    Bioseutica, introduces a new API product: Ovotransferrin, a hen egg white derived and TSE free substitute for Lactoferrin. Ovotransferrin, also called Conalbumin, is a glycoprotein with a molecular weight of 76 KDa. With two iron binding sites, Ovotransferrin has the same iron binding capacity as Lactoferrrin. This capacity to bind iron lends itself to two important applications of Ovotransferrin: first, as a dietary supplement for improving... more