LYSOBIER®'s Microsite

  • Posted on: 18 January 2018
  • By: admin
LYSOBIER®'s Microsite

Bioseutica launches a microsite about our brewing enzyme dedicated to home and craft brewers. Made with the all natural enzyme Lysozyme, LYSOBIER® is the best prevention for live and non pasteurised or non-micro-filtered craft beers to protect against Lactic Acid Bacteria spoilage. Helps to enhance beer taste and aroma and stabilise the beer foam. LYSOBIER® kills beer spoilers while preserving the natural and fresh integrity of special non pasteurised or non-microfiltered craft beers. It is the best natural solution to protect and conserve the yeast and to extend the shelf life of high fermentation bottle-conditioned or cask-conditioned non-pasteurised, non micro-filtered IPA and craft beers.