Our R&D efforts are focusing on three key areas: 

Process optimization, Product invention and Application support for our customers 

  • Your protein specifications – our expertise: 

We are experts in industrial scale protein extraction and purification technologies. Therefore, we are constantly striving to device new and improved processes for obtaining high-quality, ultra-pure protein preparations from natural sources, such as animal tissues, eggs or other plant matrices. Bioseutica is a market leader in Egg-proteins and digestive Enzymes. Our Biochemists and Process Engineers are nevertheless readily available to work with customers on tailor-made products and specifications.
If you have specific requirements for large scale protein preparations from natural sources, we are more than happy to work on your problem with you (R& Our pilot plant in Canada allows us to perform smooth scale-ups for industrial processes but can also produce custom protein preparations of up to 100 kg scale. 

  • Your experiments and applications – our product advice:

Bioseutica’s Application specialists and analytical biochemists are ready to advice customers on best practices for using Bioseutica products, including LysoVin, LysoBeer or LysoLac. We have established assays to test for residual Lysozyme in customer products, such as cheeses, beverages or other types of food. 

  • New Applications: 

Lysozyme, Ovotransferrin, Avidin, Trypsin, Phospholipase, etc - all Bioseutica products have fascinating functionalities in the Food and Feed industries, as well as Animal health and Human health. Bioseutica is actively pursuing new and improved applications in these areas – alone and where appropriate also together with partners in industry or academia.