• NA2R®: the natural ingredient to help mood

Bioseutica’s goal is to get people live well and feel better every day. We are committed to improve the health and well-being of people worldwide by manufacturing high-quality ingredients. All humans strive to live healthy and happy lives; but often stress, challenges and anxiety can get in the way. The mental well-being is strongly linked with the physical health. NA2R®, a unique source of tryptophan, has been developed to help positive mood, support mental energy and healthy emotional state. We are dedicated to deliver natural nutritional ingredients that contribute to nourish the brain. NA2R® is a natural ingredient for the novel food/nootropics supplement industry.



  • Product Overview

NA2R® is a natural ingredient, made from egg white protein, with a patented formulation consisting of amino acid composition which nourishes the brain. NA2R® can thus increase brain serotonin synthesis and improve cognitive function, mood, and emotional processing as demonstrated through clinical trials and peer reviewed studies.. The ingredient can be used in beverages, food, dietary supplements and smart drugs. We are looking for partners to collaborate to establish a final consumer product.


  • Benefits

  • Promotes Focus and Mental Energy : 

Clinical data demonstrated that NA2R® improves working memory and increases alertness and reactivity to process information more efficiently (in-house data available).

  • Balances Mood:

NA2R® nourishes the brain helping to support positive mood. NA2R® helps to increase levels of a chemical messenger called serotonin in the brain which in turn helps control emotions and cognition, and promotes positive mood.

By helping healthy emotional state NA2R® can aid to improve social life as it has been clinically proven to support processing of positive emotional bias (in-house data available).

  • Promotes Wellness

NA2R® helps support energy which may in turn helps to keep you motivated and follow a healthier lifestyle. NA2R® is a natural ingredient that anticipated for a better quality of sleep experience (in-house data available).

  • Regulatory Status

  • USA: approved as a new dietary ingredient (NDI)
  • USA: approved as GRAS