Fordras S.A.

Fordras S.A.

Fordras, a Swiss company, has been serving the pharmaceutical and food industries since 1983. Fordras’ international experience in the sales of active pharmaceutical ingredients and food additives makes it one of the leading companies in the development, manufacturing and marketing of specialty, organic products such as Lysozyme. 

At Fordras, our mission is to develop, manufacture and sell natural products aimed at improving people’s health and at enhancing the way foods are processed and preserved. 

The company’s headquarters are located in Lugano, Switzerland. In 2012 Fordras has been integrated to the Bioseutica group. Bioseutica has manufacturing plants located in Denmark, Germany, Holland and Venezuela.

Current and future research programs are dedicated to the development of new applications for Lysozyme, Avidin and Ovalbumin for human and animal health, in consumer products and in the food markets, as well as to the production and uses of additional synergic natural products.

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Fordras SA Fordras SA
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