Customer Supplier Compliance

We value and care for  our internal and external customers and suppliers and treat them with honesty, fairness, openness and candor part of our code of conduct. Our sourcing and procurement practices are aligned and we are committed to the universally recognised principles in activities : 

  • Economical
  • Safety
  • Ethical, social and environmental protection 

We are committed to our customers and to the community we are operating in, that  our partners, suppliers (production materials, indirect materials,  investments) and services providers are compliant with these principles and moreover are delivering materials and services: 

  • Being compliant with all current applicable national laws, rules and regulations
  • Acting with integrity and honesty
  • Respecting employees and treating them with dignity.
  • Providing a safe and healthy work environment for employees
  • Preventing actions having negative impact to the environment 

Our overarching expectations from our valued partners, suppliers and services providers, which secure a low risk and sustainable supply chain and procurement process are:

  • Quality
  • Service on time in full
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Corporate Management practices

Our constant and aspiring goal is to set up a long term relationship of common practices and guides with our partners. suppliers and service providers so that together we will face the everlasting challenges of today’s economy  and globalisation to find  innovative solutions for quality materials and services within the set  principles.We are assessing compliance of our key accounts  to the said rules on an annual basis and communicate to them any gaps and areas for improvement.