The Bioseutica Group

Bioseutica is a world leading ingredient company whose natural proteins and enzymes are innovative and selected as the first choice for food, feed and pharma sectors. Bioseutica aims to become a world market leader catalysing responsible development of natural high quality proteins and enzymes. Bioseutica is committed to scientific research leading to innovative products and proprietary technologies. Bioseutica focuses on the global supply of the highest quality bioactive proteins, including egg derived proteins,  lysozymeavidin and ovotransferrinpancreatic enzymes and specialty products, food ingredients and feed additives, designed for antibiotic free livestock, such as, aqua, poultry and swine and pets. Bioseutica’s manufacturing processes are built on high-end, cutting-edge proprietary technology and allow us to produce ingredients of highest purities in our manufacturing facilities in Canada and Europe.

Bioseutica's diversified range of products, which include egg derived proteins, pancreatic enzymes, and specialty end products for the food & feed industry are sold to companies worldwide. In addition, Bioseutica focuses on licensing related intellectual property. Bioseutica’s organization enables it to efficiently deliver quality products, custom designed solutions and timely customer service to clients globally. Today, Bioseutica is the global leader in lysozyme1.

Bioseutica international management team strives to be on top of current consumer demands and industrial market trends worldwide.

Bioseutica's group of scientists and researchers are continuously developing innovative products for our food, feed, and pharmaceutical, customers around the world with a special focus on delivering highest quality products derived from nature’s sources. Bioseutica applies its know-how and proprietary technology to transform natural commodities into highly concentrated and active ingredients for industrial use. Due to its manufacturing expertise, Bioseutica produces ingredients with high purities targeted to the high quality segments in the respective markets.

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