Bioseutica BV

BIOSEUTICA BV has been created in 2008 after the merger of Neova Technologies Inc. and KD-PHARMA GmbH. In 2013 a majority stake of KD-PHARMA GmbH has been sold to a german private equity.

The original BIOSEUTICA BV production site in Zeewolde, Holland, was established in 1995 as the European subsidiary of Neova Technologies Inc. Upgraded and modernized, Bioseutica BV today is a state-of-the-art, GMP certified production site for pharmaceutical grade Lysozyme hydrochloride.

With high extraction volumes, sophisticated refining capacity and modern facilities, BIOSEUTICA BV is serving global pharmaceutical and food customers. Customers choose BIOSEUTICA BV due to the distinct advantages of having all relevant certifications in place from GMP to HACCP, ISO, Kosher or Halal, etc. as well as due to the high quality and purity of our product.