Bioseutica Core Business

Natural Sources

Bioseutica draws on almost forty years of expertise in bioseparation and protein fractionation, building its international reputation on quality and service.

The Natural Proteins Division is the leading global producer of egg-derived proteins and trypsin, a natural pancreatic enzyme. Egg-derived proteins have a variety of uses in the pharmaceutical and nutritional markets.

The Bioseutica Group

Bioseutica is an integrated, specialty pharmaceutical group dedicated to the development of the highest quality ingredients, using natural, renewable sources for the healthcare, food and feed industries. We are committed to scientific research leading to innovative products and proprietary technologies. Bioseutica focuses on the global supply of the highest quality bioactive proteins, including egg derived proteins, such as lysozyme, avidin or ovotransferrinpancreatic enzymes and specialty products, food ingredients and feed additives, designed for antibiotic free livestock, such as, poultry and swine. Bioseutica’s manufacturing processes are built on high-end, cutting-edge proprietary technology and allow us to produce ingredients of highest purities in our manufacturing facilities in Canada and Europe.