Bioseutica Entegard™

Entegard™ is a compound feed designed for poultry, swine and other livestock. Entegard™ is specifically formulated to overcome the challenges associated with antibiotic free production (ABF). Available in water soluble powder or encapsulated form Entegard™ helps maintain a healthy gut flora and ensures the structural integrity of the intestinal wall through a direct and natural antibacterial activity.  This leads to optimum nutrient absorption, improving the health and growth performance of livestock.

Entegard™ sustains a healthy small intestine microbiota. Entegard™ is an ideal alternative to antibiotics in broilers and layers antibiotic-free (ABF) operations. Entegard™ replaces antibiotic growth promoters1 in the feed thus warding off the risk of antibiotic resistance infections in humans.



Certain statements may not be applicable in all geographical regions and product associated claims may differ based upon government requirements.

  • Selling Unit: Kilograms(Kg)
  1. known as AGP or IFA
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