FIPRONIL in eggs

  • Posted on: 14 November 2017
  • By: admin
Statement on Fipronil Issue

We, Bioseutica group of companies, herewith declare that to the best of our knowledge Lysozyme currently produced or produced in the past by Bioseutica does not contain fipronil or its metabolites above detectable limits due to the high standards observed in the manufacturing process. On July 20th, 2017, a first notification has been communicated by the EU Rapid Alert Food Safety System (RASSF Portal) that fipronil has been found in hens eggs originating from Belgium and the Netherlands. Fipronil is an insecticide (pesticide) used in veterinary products, but is not permitted for use in laying hens or anywhere else in the food chain. As mentioned in previous statements Bioseutica is confident that based on risk assessment of our manufacturing process contamination with fipronil in final product Lysozyme, supplied to our customers, is considered very low. To further substantiate our position two additional investigations were initiated:

  • 1. Samples of a significant number of batches Lysozyme, from all production plants within the Bioseutica group, have been tested by various accredited labs. All results were found negative on fipronil and its metabolites to confirm previous statements.
  • 2. A challenge test was performed by our R&D department to validate that Bioseutica’s manufacturing process of Lysozyme is able to effectively remove fipronil and its metabolites.

Egg white was spiked with an excessive amount of fipronil (0.150 mg/kg, more than 30 times the maximum residue level of 0.005 mg/kg), to represent a worst case scenario. From this spiked egg white Lysozyme was extracted and the content of fipronil and its metabolites were analyzed by an accredited lab. No fipronil nor its metabolites were detected. Based on these results the conclusion is justified that Bioseutica’s manufacturing process of Lysozyme has proven its capacity to remove fipronil in the case start material liquid egg white contains traces of fipronil and therefor that Bioseutica’s Lysozyme products do not contain fipronil nor its metabolites.

Hindrik Beuker

QESH Manager Feed and Food - Bioseutica